Love to Love-Nick Carter

Feels so good
When you love me like you should
I'll stay forever here with you
If I knew that I could
I know inside
You're my heart opened wide
I want them all to see you in me
We're together side by side

Crazy you make me over you
Girl, it's true

Love to love the way that you love me
You're such a part of me
I feel I can see that it's real to me
And whatever it must be
As long as you love me
I'll still be in love
Love to love the love

Can't get neough
You're all I can think of
You blow my mind all the time
Baby girl you give it love
Please don't change
And subject to such pain
Couldn't do what I do if I live without you
I'll never be the same

Crazy you make me over you
Girl, it's true
'Cause I...


Baby, there's one thing you should know
You had me when you said hello
No, I'll never let you go
No, oh, ohhhh